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Is the FORCE with you or are you letting it Flow?

2018-04-25T20:57:11-04:00By |

By Debbie Peterson, Professional Speaker, Trainer and Mindset Expert empowering careers of today’s professional woman. Are you forcing it or are you letting it flow when it comes to your career and business goals and decisions? What does that even mean? Let me give you an example. About a year ago I was standing at my kitchen window feeling an overwhelming [...]

I want YOU to QUIT!!

2018-04-25T20:57:12-04:00By |

By Debbie Peterson, Professional Speaker, Trainer and Mindset Expert empowering careers of today's professional woman. Contrary to what you were told when you were growing up, it is perfectly acceptable to quit! You are doing things every day that are holding you back from the momentum, success and confidence you desire in your Career or Business and I want you [...]

Pruning YOUR Tribe Is The Secret Sauce For Success!

2018-04-25T20:57:12-04:00By |

By Debbie Peterson, Professional Speaker, Trainer and Mindset Expert for Today's Professional Woman I am a huge proponent of the Tribe, the Posse, or the Sisterhood, whatever you choose to call it. The people in your life that get you, that have your back, and who support you. What do you do though, when you’ve [...]

Do you have the most important attribute for good leadership?

2018-04-25T20:57:12-04:00By |

by Debbie Peterson - Professional Speaker, Trainer and Champion for the mindset of Professional Women. What are the attributes of a good leader? Would you say a good listener? A team builder? A strategic thinker? I would agree with all of those and there is another that I would put at the top of the [...]

7 Tips To Help You “Show Up” At Your Next Conference

2018-04-25T20:57:13-04:00By |

Large industry conferences or meetings can be a little overwhelming to attend, especially if you're an introvert. There are so many people there and it seems like everyone knows everyone else and maybe you’re feeling a bit out of the loop. You’ve also got lots of educational opportunities with the General Session and Break-out meetings, and the [...]

Give Yourself Permission For Less Stress

2018-04-25T20:57:13-04:00By |

By Debbie Peterson - Professional Speaker and Corporate Trainer - Clarity and Confidence in Career for today's professional woman Have you been here? It’s a BIG week. You’ve got a HUGE project going on at work. It is literally “all hands on deck”. You know what you need to get done and you’ve got a plan [...]

Why “Shrinking” As A Person is BIG Mistake!

2018-04-25T20:57:39-04:00By |

by Debbie Peterson - Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Career Coach “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are [...]

Why Service Is Your Road Map To Success!

2018-04-25T20:57:39-04:00By |

Serving others...To me, that meant giving away my time to volunteer. When I first started my business I knew that I wanted to serve my customers, but other than that, I was too busy building my business to start donating time. I needed that time for me, but here's a mindset shift that has served me [...]