Which Voice Will You Listen To?

I’m leaving the Atlanta airport and waiting for the air conditioning to cool my rental car to a comfortable level. As I’m driving I’m thinking about the presentation I will give tomorrow when it seeps into my consciousness that google maps and the car navigation are competing with each other. They are sending me in [...]

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You may be paying too much if you’re not paying attention

Have you ever decided that there is something that you really want? A goal or dream, and you know exactly how you’re going to get it? You feel motivated and determined, but as time goes on, it just doesn’t seem to be happening the way you saw it in your mind. The beautiful vision you [...]

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The Power Of 3 And What It Can Do For Your Career

When your day has no breathing room, and you're feeling off-kilter because your routine has gone out the window, how do you regain focus? Do you ever find yourself in that space of having "no control"? Too much to do and not enough time? Are your thoughts supportive when you're under pressure or are you [...]

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Are You Second Guessing Yourself?

Have you ever thought of a big goal, something that you wanted to go for in your career? Maybe you've thought about starting a business or expanding one. You start thinking about what it could look like. You start getting excited and then... You start second (or third, fourth, fifth) guessing yourself and your idea. [...]

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Why You Need Your Career To Be “Under Construction”

You may be thinking what does construction have to do with career? I recently took a walk in my neighborhood and saw a home that had been under construction and was just being completed. It was a very pretty contemporary home with clean lines and I started thinking about all the choices the new homeowner [...]

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